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A’s ugly sweater. http://www.clarktoys.com/oaatmlbugsww.html

Dude I totally want this but it’s $60

A’s ugly sweater. http://www.clarktoys.com/oaatmlbugsww.html

Dude I totally want this but it’s $60

Finally figured out why my room is so ridiculously hot: my fan was on winter mode instead of summer mode (counter-clockwise instead of clockwise, which spreads the heat around instead of the cold).

Totally forgot that I had ever changed it in the winter.

When the A’s acquired Samardzija and Hammel, my dad was out of town, so I called him immediately (he didn’t answer…I had to wait a while for him to call back—agony waiting to share). When I told him, he said “Wow. Wowww…wowwwwwww.”

Today my dad woke me up to tell me about the A’s trading Cespedes and Milone & getting Lester, Gomes, and Fuld. I had barely opened my eyes, so all I could say was “what?? Whaat?? ….Whaaaaaaattt????”

So did we for real trade Yoenis Cespedes because I still feel like this is some weird dream.

I mean, we were gonna trade him this offseason, like almost definitely. But it just seems so weird that our game will start tomorrow and we won’t have him. Didn’t think they’d trade him during the season.

I am so overwhelmed right now that I’m crying really hard. Not necessarily because I’m sad, but I just suddenly started crying and I can’t stop. I just don’t know how to feel.



Just wait for it.


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What a turn of events.


My dog destroys things then acts like he doesn’t even see it

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Hahaha I’m pisssssssed right now. I wanted a moss All Star jersey. Thought I’d get a youth because it’s cheaper and still fits. I wasn’t sure though if it had the A’s logo on the sleeve like the adult one does (neither show on the preview, even though I knew the adult one had it), so I emailed customer support to ask. They assured me that, yes, they have the logo, so I bought the youth jersey. I was excited, it was like half the price but still looked nice. It took 20 days for it to be printed and delivered. It just got here today. Guess what…


I don’t trust the average person to know who “Moss 37” is, so I need the jersey to say A’s somewhere, BUT IT DOESNT. AHHHHH IM SO MAD.