Hi, I'm Callie. I live in good old California, and no--not near the celebrities. I spend a lot of time on tumblr, mostly posting random crap, but also liveblogging baseball games (OAKLAND A'S), reblogging stuff from Psych, Chuck, Haven, Gilmore Girls, Criminal Minds, 30 Rock, and more. I like Kelly Clarkson and much, much more, a lot of it only shows up from time to time. I do not intend to please anyone with my content; I just post things I like. Therefore, I don't do follow for follow because I could care less if you follow me. I have no follower goal. However, if I like your blog, I'll follow back. :) None of the gifs I use are mine because I'm not that awesome. [P.S. That's Eric Sogard #NerdPower #FaceofMLB, and me & my mom in my profile picture.]

omfg kangaroo piñata is getting in on it too.

so I saw: Sean Doolittle, Andrew Carignan, & now Travis Blackley doing the #lesserfilms thing.

  1. saucyfosse said: hahaha i started seeing sean just churning them out and i just thought “go to bed, sean”
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